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geyser price in bangladesh

Save: 500৳
Aristo 67-Liter Automatic Electric Water Heater (Fiber Body
Save: 500৳
Aristo 45-Liter Automatic Electric Water Heater (Fiber Body)
Save: 1000৳
Aristo 30-Liter Automatic Electric Water Heater (Fiber Body)
Save: 2000৳
product image0 Midea D40-20A Geyser- 40 Liter - White
Save: 1500৳
Geyser- Midea 50L

17500৳ 19000৳

Save: 2000৳
Midea Water Heater (Geyser) - 30 Liter (D30-20VG )
Save: 2000৳
Midea Water Heater 50 Liter (MHG-50L) (Best Price)
Save: 1500৳
Midea DSK38P5 Instant Water Heater

geyser price in Bangladesh

SL ELECTRONICS is a best geyser supplier in Bangladesh. we are provide all kinds of electric and water geyser, we are provide Midea, Erfan, shamim, geyser etc. Small, huge, medium sized water heaters are to be had in Bangladesh. So one should purchase this water heater according to the want and finances. Because one of a kind styles of water warmers have positive blessings.


A geyser is a kind of water heater that heats water and keeps it hot for a long time. It could heat up water pretty quickly, heating up its full tank in approximately five-15 mins. There are different sizes of geysers in keeping with liter such as 5 Gallon, 10 Gallon, 15 Gallon, 20 Gallon geysers are available in Bangladesh. Additionally it is connected to the rest room or kitchen water tap. It automatically shuts off whilst the water gets hot. It is right for every person inside the circle of relatives to apply. These are generally up to a most of 1500 watts. They may be the safest to use.

Immediate Water Heater:
that is a type of water heater that looks as if a water tap and can be related immediately to the water line. It has no garage tank however can right away heat the water flowing via it. They warmness the water right away, however their wattage is a bit better. Those are generally as much as 5400 watts.

Bathe Heater:

This water heater looks precisely like a everyday shower. It is used for bathing. It also heats the walking water right away. Its price is very low in Bangladesh and people with low budget can use it. Their wattage is likewise high.

Immersion Heater:
it's miles used submerged in water and is portable. Water from a bucket or field may be easily heated with it and it is the least expensive of all varieties of water warmers. Earlier it turned into very not unusual in Bangladesh however now its use is decreased due to cutting-edge warmers. It's a chunk inconvenient because it doesn't routinely flip off while the water receives warm. These are generally 500 to one thousand watts.

What's the price of water heater in Bangladesh?

The price of water heater in Bangladesh begins from Tk 950 handiest. This water heater provides immediately warm water for bathing. It can be used to warmth water right away in one-of-a-kind temperature selection method as consistent with requirement. Water heater fee in Bangladesh depends on the type of water heater.
Is electric geyser energy green and what kind of does it price?
If you need to warmth extra water in much less time, you have to use electric geyser. Electric powered geysers in contemporary Bangladesh are proper at saving power. Geysers can maintain the water hot for a long time so there's no want to turn at the geyser time and again and energy is likewise stored very easily. Geyser fee in Bangladesh stages from Tk 6,500 to Tk 30,000 and geyser fee depends on its ability, frame best, emblem.