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Television Price in Bangladesh

Save: 35100৳
Xiaomi Mi Q2 65 Inch QLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV
Save: 24000৳
Xiaomi Mi Q2 55 Inch QLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV (Global Version)
Save: 4500৳
Xiaomi Mi A2 L43M7-EAUKR 43-Inch 4K UltraHD Android Smart LED TV
Save: 29400৳
Haier H65P7UX 65 Inch Voice Control HQLED 4K Smart Google TV
Save: 20400৳
Haier H55P7UX 55 Inch Voice Control HQLED 4K Smart Google TV
Save: 15400৳
Haier H50P7UX 50 Inch Voice Control HQLED 4K Smart Google TV
Save: 12400৳
Haier H43P7UX 43 Inch Voice Control HQLED 4K Smart Google TV
Save: 9000৳
Samsung 55AU9000 55 Inch Crystal 4K UHD HDR Smart Television
Save: 9000৳
Samsung 55Q70A 55 Inch QLED 4K UHD Smart LED Television
Save: 7000৳
Samsung 55Q60A 55" QLED UHD 4K HDR Smart Television
Save: 6000৳
Samsung 55BU8100 55" Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV
Save: 4040৳
Samsung 43BU8000 43-Inch Crystal 4K UHD HDR Smart Television
Save: 4000৳
Samsung 43Q65A 43" QLED UHD 4K HDR Smart Television
Save: 5000৳
Samsung 43BU8100 43" Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV
Save: 3300৳
Samsung 43T5400 43-Inch Full HD Smart Led Television

Television price in Bangladesh

Tv, often known as television, is a ubiquitous electronic tool that has profoundly impacted how we acquire facts and entertain ourselves. It includes a display that displays moving images and audio, providing a extensive variety of content which includes news, leisure, instructional packages, and more. TVs are available various kinds, such as CRT (Cathode Ray Tube), liquid crystal display (Liquid Crystal show), LED (light Emitting Diode), OLED (organic light Emitting Diode), and QLED (Quantum Dot light Emitting Diode), each presenting one of a kind functions and show technologies. Tv has performed a important position in shaping international tradition, informing the general public, and providing a window to the world. Whilst considering purchasing a tv, one should research the 32-inch television rate in Bangladesh to make an knowledgeable preference that aligns with their budget.


Android tv price in Bangladesh


Android tv is a smart television platform evolved via Google, Bringing the electricity of the Android running gadget on your tv display screen. It offers get admission to to a substantial ecosystem of apps and services thru the Google Play save, including popular streaming structures like Netflix and YouTube. With voice-controlled far flung alternatives and Google Assistant integration, users can results easily search for content and manage clever gadgets. Android tv also helps casting from smartphones and gives personalized content material tips. Normal updates from Google make certain the platform remains modern-day and relaxed. Its gaming skills, clever home integration, and user-friendly interface make Android tv a flexible and compelling desire for current home enjoyment.


Smart tv price in Bangladesh

A clever tv is a tv equipped with internet connectivity and advanced computing abilities. It revolutionizes the traditional tv experience via presenting get entry to to on line content material and interactive capabilities. Customers can flow movies and television suggests from popular structures, browse the net, and download apps for gaming, social media, and productivity. Many clever TVs aid voice manage and screen mirroring, enhancing consumer convenience. In addition, they function hubs for clever domestic integration, allowing manipulate of compatible gadgets. These TVs acquire periodic software updates, making sure they continue to be updated and evolve with the ever-converting digital panorama, making them a principal a part of cutting-edge home entertainment.


4K tv price in Bangladesh

4K tv, additionally called ultra excessive Definition (UHD), offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels—4 times the pixel density of complete HD TVs. This effects in quite sharp and detailed pix, making it ideal for larger displays. 4K TVs also regularly guide high Dynamic variety (HDR) era, which complements contrast and shade accuracy, delivering a more realistic viewing enjoy. With large content material availability via streaming services, Blu-ray discs, and gaming consoles, 4K TVs have end up the usual for modern-day domestic entertainment, offering a stunning visual experience that immerses visitors in excessive-resolution content, from movies and television shows to video games.


8K tv price in Bangladesh

8K tv, The present day television generation boasts an outstanding resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, imparting four times the pixel density of a 4K television and sixteen times that of a complete HD television. This outcomes in breathtakingly sharp and certain pics, making it best for big displays. 8K TVs often contain superior capabilities along with HDR (high Dynamic variety), which enhances comparison and color accuracy and quicker refresh fees for smoother motion. However, content material availability and affordability of 8K TVs may be constrained, as it calls for specialized gadget and content material to exploit its capabilities fully. However, it represents the destiny of domestic entertainment for those searching for the maximum in visual fidelity.


LED television price in Bangladesh

An LED television, or mild Emitting Diode television, is a flat-screen display technology famed for its narrow design, strength efficiency, and sharp visuals. LED backlighting permits colorful and high-definition pix with deep evaluation. These TVs are easy to mount, making them a flexible choice for modern-day dwelling spaces. LED TVs with numerous sizes, features like 4K resolution and smart abilities cater to diverse enjoyment choices. Their low electricity consumption, sturdiness, and spectacular picture great make them a top desire for domestic leisure.


What is the rate of 32 inch television in Bangladesh?

The rate of a 32-inch tv in Bangladesh can range extensively relying at the emblem, version, functions, and wherein you buy it. A basic 32-inch LED tv from a reputable logo charges anywhere from 12,000 to 20,000 Bangladeshi Taka. However, prices can vary due to inflation, technological adjustments, and market demand.


How a great deal is 21 inch flat television in Bangladesh?

The price of a 21-inch flat-screen tv in Bangladesh stages from approximately 6,000 to 12,000 Bangladeshi Taka. But, prices can differ because of different factors, consisting of brand, model, features, and market situations. To get the most correct and updated pricing facts, I suggest checking with nearby electronics shops or journeying the legitimate websites of tv manufacturers in Bangladesh. Charges may have modified considering my ultimate replace, so thorough research is essential earlier than buying.