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Haier Deep Fridge Price in Bangladesh

Save: 1900৳
Haier HCF-290N - Chest Deep Freezer 251L (Deep Ash)
Save: 7400৳
Chest Freezer 301L HCF-340

44000৳ 51400৳

Save: 7400৳
Chest Freezer 251L HCF-290

40000৳ 47400৳

Save: 3000৳
Chest Freezer 203L HCF-230

35400৳ 38400৳

Save: 500৳
Chest Freezer 146L HCF-175

31900৳ 32400৳

Save: 1870৳
Chest Freezer 142L HCF-175SG

35530৳ 37400৳

Save: 11154৳
Haier HCF-230SG - Chest Deep Freezer 200L (Deep Ash) HR-3240-DF

Haier Deep Fridge Price in Bangladesh

SL Electronics is one of the great Haier  fridge retailer In Bangladesh. Refrigerator or fridge is an vital a part of the exceptional wishes of human existence nowadays. Because it may preserve food fresh for a long time. The fridge can easily keep diverse ingredients clean consisting of veggies, end result, juices, fish, meat, spices.

Have a study the modern-day price listing of Haier fridges in Bangladesh with professional evaluations, specs, rankings, photographs and many others. SL Electronics   consists of the maximum updated list of ninety three Haier refrigerators in Bangladesh as on June 2022 to help you get the quality prices. Here you'll get the fridges from 20,000 to 144000 . The maximum costly refrigerators are Haier HRB-550KG 531 Ltr French Door refrigerator at 144000 . Opposite to this, the lowest priced version is Haier elegant HR-62VS fifty two Ltr unmarried Door refrigerator to be had at 20,000.

What to understand earlier than buying a Haier refrigerator?

In step with various professionals, earlier than shopping for a Haier refrigerator, it's miles vital to understand about the best compressor, strength-saving potential, and the gap inside the fridge. Information about them are given beneath:

Pleasant of meals:

Earlier than shopping for a Haier refrigerator, the first thing to test is its ability to keep food. You should buy a fridge which could keep the first-class of meals properly despite the fact that it expenses a touch. It's miles higher no longer to shop for a fridge that reduces the great of meals inclusive of fish, veggies, eggs and so on.


The maximum important a part of the fridge is the compressor. The better the compressor, the faster the fridge will cool. If viable, it is better to shop for a fridge version that has a contemporary inverter compressor. Because it has right cooling even at some stage in voltage fluctuations. But, the current non inverter compressor gives higher overall performance and cooling.

Energy saving:

Specific sorts of technology are used to keep strength in every brand of fridges. These essentially prevent the fridge from ingesting extra power. Provides high-quality performance with low strength consumption.


It is very important to select the size of the refrigerator in keeping with the distance to hold it in a positive vicinity. There are numerous refrigerators that look extremely good from the outside but are quite small inside. So check how plenty area there may be in the refrigerator. Presently some modern-day technology no frost fridges are to be had in Bangladesh. Higher to buy them. Additionally double door refrigerators also have a number of area to store food. There are many households who love to travel. Such refrigerators are greater appropriate for them. In Bangladesh, refrigerators are typically sold as CFTs or liters.

After sales provider:

These days each logo is offering high-quality after income provider. No brand lags in the back of in phrases of guarantee and assure. Nonetheless, unique manufacturers are high-quality for extraordinary clients due to exceptional technical variations.