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Deep Fridge Price In Bangladesh

Save: 1900৳
Haier HCF-290N - Chest Deep Freezer 251L (Deep Ash)
Save: 1000৳
KONKA 5KDF50X-WHITE Chest Freezer (550 LTR)
Save: 1985৳
KONKA KDF 250 GB-GOLDEN Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 1825৳
KONKA KDF 200 GB-GOLDEN Chest Freezer (200 LTR)
Save: 1125৳
KONKA KDF 150 GB-GOLDEN Chest FreezeRr (150 LT)
Save: 1515৳
KDF 250 GB-BROWN Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 1515৳
KDF 250 GB-BROWN Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 2125৳
KDF 150 GB-BROWN Chest Freezer (150 LTR)
Save: 2985৳
KONKA KDF 250 GB-BLUE Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 1825৳
KONKA KDF 200 GB-BLUE Chest Freezer (200 LTR)
Save: 2125৳
KONKA KDF 150 GB-BLUE Chest Freezer (150 LTR)
Save: 5100৳
Sharp Freezer SJC-338-BK | 310 Liters - Black
Save: 2100৳
Sharp Freezer SJC-188-BK | 160 Liters - Black
Save: 2100৳
Sharp Freezer SJC-188-BK | 160 Liters - Black
Save: 5100৳
Sharp Freezer SJC-318-WH | 310 Liters - White
Save: 1100৳
Sharp Freezer SJC-178-GY | 160 Liters - Grey
Save: 5100৳
Sharp Freezer SJC-118-WH | 110 Liters - White
Save: 7400৳
Chest Freezer 301L HCF-340

44000৳ 51400৳

Save: 7400৳
Chest Freezer 251L HCF-290

40000৳ 47400৳

Save: 3000৳
Chest Freezer 203L HCF-230

35400৳ 38400৳

Deep Fridge Price In Bangladesh

SL Electronics is the great Deep fridge provider in Bangladesh. We provide pinnacle performance and healthy refrigerators. Shopping for a fridge is a large deal. If you make the wrong choice, you may must stay with it for years. So, before shopping for a fridge you have to maintain a few vital matters in thoughts like potential, space, Defrosting, varieties of fridges, energy rating, Compressors, extra functions and many others etc.SL Electronics is an authorized AC Distributer in  Haier, Sharp, Samsung, Hitachi, Walton, singer and so on. So if you need a fridge come to SL Electronics Retail shop or order to our website.SL Electronics have three seen showroom in Dhaka town. Exceptional fridge  price in Bangladesh.

Deep Fridge or fridge is an vital a part of the fine needs of human lifestyles today. Because it is able to keep meals clean for a long time. The fridge can without difficulty keep diverse meals clean consisting of greens, end result, juices, fish, meat, spices. There are unique brands of refrigerators in Bangladesh with distinctive sizes, technology and capacities. Samsung, Sharp, Walton, LG logo Deep  refrigerators are more famous in Bangladesh.

What to know earlier than shopping for a fridge?

In line with diverse specialists, before shopping for a fridge, it's miles essential to understand approximately the coolest compressor, electricity-saving ability, and the gap inside the fridge. Details about them are given underneath:

Fine of meals:

Earlier than buying a Deep refrigerator, the first aspect to test is its capability to maintain meals. You should purchase a fridge that could maintain the excellent of meals properly even though it fees a bit. It's far higher not to shop for a Deep refrigerator that reduces the first-rate of food such as fish, greens, eggs and so on.


The most crucial part of the Deep  fridge is the compressor. The better the compressor, the quicker the fridge will cool. If possible, it's far higher to shop for a fridge model that has a modern inverter compressor. As it has right cooling even throughout voltage fluctuations. However, the modern-day non inverter compressor provides better overall performance and cooling.

Electricity saving:

Extraordinary kinds of generation are used to shop electricity in each logo of refrigerators. Those basically prevent the fridge from eating excess power. Affords brilliant performance with low strength intake.


It's far very critical to select the size of the refrigerator in keeping with the distance to hold it in a positive area. There are many refrigerators that appearance incredible from the out of doors however are quite small inner. So test how much space there's in the fridge. Currently a few modern-day technology no frost refrigerators are available in Bangladesh. Better to buy them. Also double door fridges also have numerous area to store food. There are many families who love to tour. Such refrigerators are extra appropriate for them. In Bangladesh, fridges are usually sold as CFTs or liters.

After sales service:

These days each logo is imparting splendid after sales provider. No brand lags at the back of in terms of assurance and guarantee. Nonetheless, extraordinary brands are first-class for one of a kind customers because of one-of-a-kind technical differences.

Is it higher to buy a fridge or a deep freezer?

Freezer is better or deep freeze is higher relies upon on what sort of meals objects you want to store. Deep freezer is nice for keeping fish meat sparkling however freezer is higher for storing fish meat in addition to other food gadgets. So before buying a fridge, recognize what meals objects you need to hold clean. In Bangladesh, deep freezers are typically bought for additional storage further to refrigerators at domestic.

What number of types of fridges are to be had in Bangladesh?

There are 4 sorts of refrigerators available in Bangladesh. Those are:

Single door pinnacle refrigerator

Single door backside refrigerator

Facet-by-side or double door refrigerator

Deep freeze

How an awful lot does the refrigerator cost?

Refrigerator charges in Bangladesh can start from Tk 20,000 to Tk 200,000. Some models also have automobile temperature manage in an effort to help enhance the temperature a touch in iciness and maintain it decrease in summer season. There are also special forms of refrigerators in Bangladesh and their prices rely on their emblem, version, length, potential and technology.

What blessings will deep freeze and how much is the charge in Bangladesh?

Deep freezer charges in Bangladesh start from Tk 20,500 most effective. It has a huge space for storing numerous meals gadgets. Cooked meals along with fish, meat, ice cream may be stored for a long time. Different kinds of spices such as ginger paste, garlic paste, onion paste, chili paste will also be stored for a long time on this refrigerator. The first-rate function is that the taste of the food will stay intact even after lengthy garage.