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General Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh

Save: 2709000৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-54FRTAZ
Save: 9000৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-36FRTAZ
Save: 14100৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-30FRTAZ
Save: 6000৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-25FRTAZ
Save: 5100৳
General 1.5 Ton Cassette Type AC AUGA-18FRTAZ
Save: 9000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-54FBAGZ
Save: 5000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-45FBAGZ
Save: 9000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-36FBAGZ
Save: 8000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-30FBAGZ
Save: 8000৳
General 2.0 Ton Ceiling Type AC ABG-24FBBJY
Save: 10000৳
General 1.5 Ton Ceiling Type AC ABG-18A
Save: 16400৳
General AC ASGA-36FETA

219000৳ 235400৳

Save: 10100৳
General 2.5 Ton AC ASGA-30FETA

179900৳ 190000৳

Save: 16000৳
General 2.0 Ton AC ASGA-24FUTB

115900৳ 131900৳

Save: 45000৳
General 1.5 Ton AC ASGA-18FUTB

105900৳ 150900৳

Save: 8100৳
General 1.5 Ton AC ASGA-18SEFT

101900৳ 110000৳

Save: 6000৳
General 1.0 Ton Window AC AMG-13G
Save: 4000৳
General 1.5 Ton Window AC AXGT-18FHTA-A
Save: 5100৳
General 2.0 Ton Window AC AXGT-24FHTA-A
Save: 5000৳
General 1.5 Ton Window AC AXGS-18ABTH

General Air Conditioner Price In Bangladesh

SL Electronics is one of the best widespread Air Conditioner stores in Bangladesh. In case you are seeking out one of the best fee AC in Bangladesh then SL Electronics can be precise for you. If you need the exceptional air conditioner fee in Bangladesh you must come to SL Electronics. The general air conditioner is now a famous logo for mass human beings.

Clever capabilities are utilized in general Air Conditioner (AC)?

Now we have referred to in advance, fashionable Air conditioners (AC) are growing in popularity due to their cutting-edge aesthetics and inexpensive price tag. However the reason Why well-known Air Conditioner is a family name is some smart features used in a general AC. Right here we will in brief stroll you via all the special capabilities discovered in a well-known Air Conditioner (AC)

Interchangeable warmness and cold temperature

Fashionable Air Conditioners are geared up with Interchangeable Heating sensors; which along imparting bloodless air in the course of summer; also can heat up a room at some point of iciness.

Human Sensor

Widespread Air conditioners function an embedded Sensor that can stumble on the wide variety of people present inside a room. After that, it adjusts the cooling setup as wanted. It detects any movement performed by using humans inside the room and while people leave the room it adjusts itself to perform on the lower potential for power savings. If there's a large meeting of humans internal a room it amps up the performance for maximum cooling.

V-PAM Inverter generation

General AC models from the ASGG collection have the V-PAM inverter compressor that adjusts the frequency as according to the ambient atmospheric situations. This guarantees comfy cooling and effectively manages electricity intake. The term V-PAM stands for vector-managed pulse amplitude modulation that's a Thermo-electric method for minimizing electric loss. It is performed via improving the cutting-edge waveform right into a sinusoidal waveform. V-PAM inverter era reduces the impact of magnetic flux which in reality effects in energy loss. It also enhances the rate of the inverter compressor which interprets into faster room cooling. The compressor used in new inverter cut up AC fashions via trendy electronics comes geared up with a 2-cylinder rotary compressor. This Setup can paintings even at a high temperature like fifty two ranges Celcius. This Inverter generation may be discovered in most effective trendy’s Inverter split AC. The compressor is constantly on but draws electricity relying at the temperature of the incoming air along the extent set in the thermostat. The rate and power of the compressor are adjusted as a consequence.

Why pick out the overall Air Conditioner (AC)?

In case you are questioning why ought to every person select the Air Conditioner(AC) from popular there are some true motives. Right here we are able to in short stroll you thru some key factors for why you can purchase the general Air Conditioner.