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Gree Air Conditioner Price In Bangladesh

Save: 4900৳
Split Type Air Conditioner GS-18XCM32-Charmo (1.5 TON)
Save: 1900৳
GS-18LM410-Gree Lomo Split Type Air Conditioner (1.5 TON)
Save: 8000৳
Gree 2.0 Ton Cassette Type Inverter AC GS-24XTWV32
Save: 7990৳
Gree 2.5 Ton Cassette Type Inverter AC GS-30XTWV32
Save: 7990৳
Gree 3 Ton Cassette Type Inverter AC GS-36XTWV32
Save: 4990৳
Gree 4 Ton Cassette Type Inverter AC GS-48XTWV32
Save: 9500৳
Gree 5 Ton Cassette Type Inverter AC GS-60XTWV32
Save: 6000৳
Gree AC 1 Ton Non Inverter GS-12FA410 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 6990৳
Gree AC 1.5 Ton Non Inverter GS-18NFA410 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 6900৳
Gree AC 2 Ton Non Inverter GS-24NFA410 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 5800৳
Gree 1 Ton Non Inverter AC GS-12LM410 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 6900৳
Gree 2 Ton Non Inverter AC GS-24LM410 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 2900৳
Gree Inverter AC 1 Ton Official Air Conditioner GS-12XPUV32
Save: 6900৳
Gree Inverter AC 1.5 Ton Official Air Conditioner GS-18XPUV32
Save: 14500৳
Gree Inverter AC 2 Ton Official Air Conditioner GS-24XPUV32
Save: 9000৳
Gree Inverter AC 2.5 Ton Official Air Conditioner GS-30XPUV32
Save: 4990৳
Gree Inverter 1 Ton GS-12XFV32 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 3900৳
Gree Inverter 1.5 Ton GS-18XFV32 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 8900৳
Gree Inverter 2.0 Ton GS-24XFV32 Official Air Conditioner
Save: 15900৳
Gree Inverter 2.5 Ton GS-30XFV32 Official Air Conditioner

Gree AC  Price In Bangladesh

SL Electronics  Is one of the great famous Ac retailer In Bangladesh. The popularity Of SL Electronics Ac promoting growing every day. SL Electronics Is A depended on For each Product Sells And provider. While you buy A GREE Air Conditioner In Bangladesh From Our shop, you will Get A logo assure. Customers can also store money On GREE 1 Ton AC, GREE 1.Five Ton AC, GREE 2 Ton AC, GREE 2.5 Ton AC, GREE Inverter AC, And GREE break up AC.

Gree Air Conditioners (AC) are from the Asia-based totally logo Gree. Gree is owned by electric home equipment Inc. Of Zhuhai; based in Zhuhai, Guangdong province of China. Despite the fact that they are from China; Gree is the arena's largest Air Conditioner (AC) producer. They export their ACs everywhere in the world. Presently, they manufacture two types of air conditioners: household air conditioners and business air conditioners. Gree has a Strategic partnership with manufacturers like Daikin. Gree ACs price way extra than different Air conditioners; it's far due to the fact their ACs have components made with top class materials.

Are Gree ACs strength-efficient?

Yes, Gree air conditioners are made to be as electricity green as feasible. Inverter compressors and other modern-day era are used to save power utilization and expenses.

Do Gree ACs include integrated air purification structures?

Filters and different air purification gadgets are general on many Gree air conditioners, making them best for homes with hypersensitive reaction sufferers. This contributes to a more healthy indoors surroundings and better air fine. SL Electronics offers one of a kind times and distinctive.

What types of Gree ACs are to be had?

Gree has several extraordinary varieties of air conditioners, inclusive of window fashions, split fashions, and inverter variations. Numerous sizes of rooms call for varying capacities; as a result, producers make those gadgets in a wide variety of sizes.

Are Gree ACs durable?

You can anticipate the durability and dependability of a Gree air conditioner. They are built the usage of durable materials and positioned thru large trying out to assure dependable operation with little protection.

Which save is exceptional for Gree in bd

SL Electronics is one of the quality store for gree ac SL Electronics provide the first-class gree ac fee in bd.

Can Gree ACs operate quietly?

Whilst properly installed, a Gree air conditioner will not disrupt the tranquility of your own home with its consistent hum.

Do Gree air conditioners have a guarantee?

Gree stands in the back of its air conditioners with solid guarantee safety and after-sale assist.