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Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh

Save: 20900৳
Hisense AS-22TW4RXBTD00BU 2 Ton Split Type Full DC Inverter AC
Save: 13000৳
Hisense AS-18TW4RMATD01BU 1.5 Ton Split Type Full DC Inverter AC
Save: 11900৳
Hisense AS-12TW4RYETD00BU 1 Ton Split Type Full DC Inverter AC
Save: 4900৳
Split Type Air Conditioner GS-18XCM32-Charmo (1.5 TON)
Save: 1900৳
GS-18LM410-Gree Lomo Split Type Air Conditioner (1.5 TON)
Save: 8490৳
Save: 3990৳
Haier HSU-18TurboCool 1.5 Ton Non-Inverter  AC
Save: 3000৳
Midea 1 Ton Inverter AC (Cooling Only)
Save: 4000৳
Midea MSI-18CRN-AF9 1.5 Ton Inverter AC
Save: 3000৳
Midea MSI-24CRN 2.0 Ton Split Type Inverter AC
Save: 2709000৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-54FRTAZ
Save: 9000৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-36FRTAZ
Save: 14100৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-30FRTAZ
Save: 6000৳
General Cassette Type AC AUGA-25FRTAZ
Save: 5100৳
General 1.5 Ton Cassette Type AC AUGA-18FRTAZ
Save: 9000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-54FBAGZ
Save: 5000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-45FBAGZ
Save: 9000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-36FBAGZ
Save: 8000৳
General Ceiling Type AC ABG-30FBAGZ
Save: 8000৳
General 2.0 Ton Ceiling Type AC ABG-24FBBJY

Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh

Haier ac price in Bangladesh

Haier is a well-known emblem inside the worldwide air conditioner market. Haier air conditioners also are popular in Bangladesh. Haier air conditioners are to be had in different sorts, which includes break up, window, and portable, to meet the various wishes of clients in Bangladesh. Haier air conditioners are designed with superior features that cause them to Greenland dependable. They're geared up with inverter technology, which permits them to adjust their cooling And heating ability based at the room's temperature and size. This feature not simplest saves electricity however Also reduces electricity payments for customers. The air filters utilized in Haier air conditioners are of high pleasant And are designed to purify the air, getting rid of dirt, pollen, and different allergens. This selection is especially useful in Bangladesh, in which air pollution is a extensive problem in urban areas.

Variety of Models: Haier offers a variety of air conditioner models in Bangladesh, catering to different cooling needs. They have split air conditioners, window air conditioners, and even portable air conditioners.

Energy Efficiency: Many Haier air conditioners are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They often feature inverter technology, which helps regulate the compressor speed and reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Cooling Capacity: Haier air conditioners come in different cooling capacities, allowing customers to choose the right size for their rooms or spaces. This ensures efficient cooling without overloading the AC unit.

User-Friendly Features: Haier air conditioners often come with user-friendly features like remote control, digital displays, and programmable timers. These features make it easy to set and adjust the temperature and fan settings to suit your comfort.

Air Quality Features: Some Haier models are equipped with air purifying and filtering features to improve indoor air quality. This can be particularly beneficial in areas with poor air quality.

Quiet Operation: Haier focuses on making their air conditioners as quiet as possible, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment.

Durability: Haier is known for producing durable and long-lasting appliances. Many of their air conditioners are built to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Price Range: Haier offers air conditioners in various price ranges to cater to a wide range of customers, from budget-friendly options to high-end models with advanced features.

After-Sales Service: In Bangladesh, Haier typically provides after-sales service and support through a network of authorized service centers.

SL Electronics Bangladesh is one of the first-rate shops for Haier air conditioners in Bangladesh. We offer the first-class-priced Hair air conditioner in Bangladesh. SL Electronics  sells distinct kinds of widespread ac like HSU-12ANTIRUSTCOOL,HSU-12ENERGYCOOL,HSU-12TURBOCOOL,HSU-12CLEANCOOL,HSU-18AQUACOOL,HSU-18CLEANCOOL,HSU-18TURBOCOOL,HSU-18UVCOOL,HSU-18ANTIRUSTCOOL,HSU-18ENERGYCOOL,HSU-24CLEANCOOL,HSU-24ENERGYCOOL,HSU-24TURBOCOOL etc


Midea ac price in Bangladesh

 SL Electronics is a dependable and relied on retailer for purchasing Midea Air Conditioners in BangladeshBecause the summer season heats up, staying cool turns into a concern for everyone. Whether you want an air conditioner on your workplace, industry, or domestic, Midea air conditioners are an tremendous preference. At SL Electronics, we provide a extensive range of Midea air conditioners at lower priced expenses in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, Midea Air Conditioner is a well-known producer of aircon units. Midea organization, a Bangladeshi conglomerate with numerous holdings in industries like electronics, Midea, and actual property, is the proprietor of the emblem. To fit the cooling necessities of both home and business settings,

Midea Air Conditioner gives a selection of air conditioning systems. These structures are to be had in a selection of shapes, sizes, and cooling capacities to suit various needs and price degrees. The energy performance of Midea Air Conditioners is one in every of their important traits. The logo offers an expansion of strength-saving devices which are intended to apply much less strength, reducing power fees. Some models appoint modern technology like inverter compressors, which alter the cooling capacity in accordance with the ambient temperature and thereby shop strength.

. Additionally renowned for his or her dependability and sturdiness are Midea Air Conditioners. To make certain that its goods are durable and resilient to Bangladesh's harsh weather, the company only makes use of top class parts and materials. Midea in addition to these days nice fee air Conditioner Midea airConditioners.

 Gree ac price in Bangladesh

SL Electronics  Is one of the great famous Ac retailer In Bangladesh. The popularity Of SL Electronics Ac promoting growing every day. SL Electronics Is A depended on For each Product Sells And provider. While you buy A GREE Air Conditioner In Bangladesh From Our shop, you will Get A logo assure. Customers can also store money On GREE 1 Ton AC, GREE 1.Five Ton AC, GREE 2 Ton AC, GREE 2.5 Ton AC, GREE Inverter AC, And GREE break up AC.

Looking for the maximum cost-effective Gree AC in Bangladesh? Stop right there! Our choice of Gree air conditioners includes models optimized for each cooling overall performance and consumer consolation. Gree is a famous logo of air con units which are known for their great presentation and electricity effectiveness.

Gree air conditioners have won recognition due to their excessive stage of overall performance and performance. Our choice of Gree air conditioners, which incorporates window, split, and inverter versions, can meet the cooling wishes of areas of varying sizes. We have the correct Gree air conditioner for you, whether or not you need a small unit for a bedroom or a massive one for a living room. Our shop gives low prices on all Gree airconditioners.

We comprehend how important it's miles to find a fairly priced, extraordinary air conditioner. If you need assist finding an cheap Gree airconditioner that also provides the level of cooling you require, our specialists are right here to assist. Gree air conditioners are well-known for their enduring overall performance and occasional renovation needs; attempt one out for your self! To keep cool and at ease even inside the hottest weather, use a Gree air conditioner. Come see us today for the fine Gree AC rate in Bangladesh and to analyze greater approximately our selection of Gree airconditioners.

. A Gree air conditioner combines excessive performance, low power consumption, and occasional fee so that you may additionally experience 12 months-round comfort with out breaking the financial institution. Have confidence in us to get you the quality air conditioning system for your house. The GreeAir Conditioner rate isn't much higher. SL Electronics  is provide satisfactory Gree AC fee in BD.


General ac price in Bangladesh

SL Electronics is one of the great preferred Air Conditioner retailers in Bangladesh. In case you are looking for one of the best fee AC in Bangladesh then SL Electronics  may be precise for you. In case you need the excellent air conditioner charge in Bangladesh you need to come to SL Electronics . The general air conditioner is now a popular brand for mass people.

Notwithstanding Walton, the Haier air conditioner is present extraordinarily well-known. Trendy is a amazing brand within the air con enterprise, imparting a scope of extraordinary AC units meant for private and enterprise use. The employer has won notoriety for creating dependable and stable air conditioners that deliver sturdy and efficient cooling execution.

Samsung ac price in Bangladesh

SL Electronics is a top Delar in Samsung air conditioner. The famous emblem Samsung manufactures a selection of technological goods, which include air conditioners. For powerful and comfy cooling answers for homes and workplaces, the Samsung air conditioner line gives a selection of functions and capability.

One of the important highlights of Samsung air conditioners is their high-level cooling innovation. Samsung utilizes an assortment of cooling improvements, for instance, the automatic Inverter innovation, which changes the blower velocity to maintain up with the ideal temperature and diminishes strength utilization. They additionally utilize the Triangular architecture cooling innovation that ensures brief and in any occasion, cooling at some stage in the room.

Samsung air conditioners are available in different types, for example, cut up air conditioners, window air conditioners, and convenient air conditioners. Cut up air conditioners are the most well-known sort and are available in both non-inverter and inverter variations. The non-inverter break up air conditioners are suitable for little rooms, even as the inverter break up air conditioners are intended for bigger rooms and give higher power effectiveness.

Samsung air conditioners come provided with a few functionalities like a savvy inverter blower, air cleanser, dehumidifier, and wi-fi community. The air purifier includes is particularly helpful for people with sensitivities and respiratory troubles because it sifts thru unfavorable debris and residue from the air. Samsung air conditioners likewise accompany various modes like relaxation mode, outstanding mode, and electricity-saving mode. The rest mode guarantees an open-to-dozing weather with the aid of step-by means of-step converting the temperature while the incredible mode offers rapid cooling to prompt assist from the depth. Now Bangladeshi popular maximum famous emblem Samsung air conditioner in addition to Haier air Conditioner.

Elite ac  Price in Bangladesh

A selection of objects are available beneath the ELITE AirConditioner emblem of aircon devices to accommodate diverse needs and price ranges. Those air conditioners are made to chill houses, offices, and other interior spaces effectively and dependably.

One of the champion highlights of Tip's top Air Conditioners is their power performance. These air conditioning gadgets are worked with fashion-putting improvements and pinnacle-notch parts that help to lessen strength usage and reduce the natural effect.

This assists with bringing down energy payments as well as assists with lessening the carbon affect of the customers. The sleek and contemporary layout of ELITE AirConditioners is any other essential factor. To accommodate numerous tastes in indoors design, these air conditioners are available in a variety of paperwork and finishes.

Additionally, they may be designed with consumer-pleasant controls that make it easy for customers to customize the temperature and different settings. Also renowned for dependability and toughness are ELITE AirConditioners.

These air conditioners are constructed with pinnacle-notch components and positioned thru thorough checking out to make certain they can bear the worst conditions. Also, they come with a radical assurance and customer help, giving customers peace of mind and ensuring that they'll take advantage of cool, secure indoor conditions for many years to come back. In addition to Walton, the Haier air conditioner is presently very famous inside the bd.


If you need the exceptional air condition fee in Bangladesh you should come to SL Electronics. SL Electronics is one of the high-quality air conditioner retailers in Bangladesh. The elite air conditioner is first-class for the overall person. ELITE Air Conditioner is satisfactory if we evaluate it with the charge