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Konka Deep Fridge Price In Bangladesh

Save: 1000৳
KONKA 5KDF50X-WHITE Chest Freezer (550 LTR)
Save: 1985৳
KONKA KDF 250 GB-GOLDEN Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 1825৳
KONKA KDF 200 GB-GOLDEN Chest Freezer (200 LTR)
Save: 1125৳
KONKA KDF 150 GB-GOLDEN Chest FreezeRr (150 LT)
Save: 1515৳
KDF 250 GB-BROWN Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 1515৳
KDF 250 GB-BROWN Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 2125৳
KDF 150 GB-BROWN Chest Freezer (150 LTR)
Save: 2985৳
KONKA KDF 250 GB-BLUE Chest Freezer (250 LTR)
Save: 1825৳
KONKA KDF 200 GB-BLUE Chest Freezer (200 LTR)
Save: 2125৳
KONKA KDF 150 GB-BLUE Chest Freezer (150 LTR)

Konka Deep Fridge Price In Bangladesh

SL Electronics is Konka  legal provider .Konka is a chinese language electronics and appliance enterprise regarded for generating a extensive range of consumer electronics, such as fridges. However, the availability and reputation of Konka fridges in Bangladesh may additionally have modified due to the fact that then, so I suggest checking with local shops or on line shops for the maximum up to date information. While describing a Konka fridge, you may anticipate the subsequent functions and characteristics which are normally associated with the brand:

Design and construct: Konka fridges normally feature a modern-day and sleek layout. They often come in various sizes and styles to fit one-of-a-kind preferences and kitchen aesthetics.

Capability: Konka offers a range of refrigerator sizes, from compact fashions appropriate for small flats to larger devices with beneficiant garage capability for larger households.

Electricity efficiency: Many Konka refrigerators are designed with strength-efficient technology to assist lessen electricity intake, which may be an crucial attention in a rustic like Bangladesh where strength utilization can be a concern.

Cooling era: Konka fridges are geared up with various cooling technologies, such as multi-airflow systems and wise temperature manipulate, to ensure efficient and even cooling all through the fridge, retaining your meals brisker for longer.

Indoors functions: you could count on adjustable shelves, a couple of compartments, and drawers for organized storage. Some fashions can also have capabilities like humidity-managed crisper drawers and integrated water or ice dispensers.

Freezer Compartment: Konka fridges typically include a separate freezer compartment which could encompass functions like brief-freeze options or automatic defrosting.

Noise stage: modern-day Konka fridges are designed to function quietly, minimizing any disturbance to your dwelling space.

Fee range: Konka offers a number merchandise at specific price factors, making it available to a vast spectrum of purchasers.

It's critical to test the specific version of Konka refrigerator available in Bangladesh to get particular info on its features, specifications, and pricing. Additionally, purchaser opinions and comments can be treasured sources of records to determine the great and overall performance of a selected version in the local context.