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Samsung washing machines Price In Bangladesh

Save: 3000৳
Front Load Washer with Digital Inverter, 12.5kg wash
Save: 1900৳
Front Loading Washing machine with Steam wash- 9KG WW91K54E0UX/TL
Save: 5000৳
Front Loading Washing machine- 9 KG WW90T734DBXOTL
Save: 5100৳
Samsung Washing Machine WW12R641U0M -12.5 kg
Save: 4100৳
Samsung Washing Machine WA16N6781CV/TL 16KG
Save: 5100৳
Washer Dryer Combo- 8+6 KG WD80TA046BX/SG

Samsung Washing Machines price in Bangladesh

Samsung is a well-known and reputable brand in the home appliance industry, including the washing machine category. In Bangladesh, Samsung offers a range of washing machines designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers. These machines are known for their innovative features, high-quality performance, and stylish designs.

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Key features of Samsung washing machines in Bangladesh may include:

Eco Bubble Technology: Samsung's Eco Bubble technology allows the machine to dissolve detergent effectively, even at lower temperatures, resulting in better cleaning performance while saving energy.

Digital Inverter Motor: Many Samsung washing machines use a digital inverter motor, which is durable and energy-efficient. It ensures quieter operation and extended product lifespan.

Various Wash Cycles: Samsung washing machines offer a variety of wash cycles and settings to cater to different fabric types and laundry loads, from quick wash cycles to specialized options for specific items like bedding or sportswear.

Smart Features: Some Samsung washing machines come equipped with smart features, allowing users to control and monitor the machine remotely via a smartphone app. This can be convenient for busy households.

Add Wash Door: This unique feature allows you to add forgotten clothes or extra detergent after the wash cycle has started, minimizing interruptions.

Aqua Stop and Child Lock: Safety features like Aqua Stop help prevent water leakage, while a child lock ensures the washing machine's settings remain tamper-proof.

Large Capacity: Samsung offers washing machines in various capacities to suit different family sizes and needs.

Energy Efficiency: Many Samsung washing machines are designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills over time.

Stylish Designs: Samsung pays attention to the aesthetics of its washing machines, often offering sleek and modern designs that can complement the décor of your home.

Please keep in mind that the availability of specific features and models may vary in Bangladesh, and new models may have been introduced since my last update. It's advisable to check the latest offerings, prices, and product specifications on the Samsung Bangladesh website or by visiting a local Samsung retailer for the most current information